What do we do.

Breakfast meeting, country-boy style.


What do we do?

Well that depends on your needs from a simple Facebook page to full social media coverage. They always say from tiny acorns doth mighty oaks grow.

We take your sapling, ie your business and give it everything to grow and succeed in the forest. For the mighty oak is as strong and long lasting as your business can be.

We know this business from making the various social accounts, YouTube,twitter, instagram, G-plus, to full reviews of your products, field tests, and marketing the products, you work hard to produce.

No bells, No whistles, just hard work and attention to the details, your business is our time.

Now many of you will think the little bits are not the important things to look after, sadly you are very wrong, the simple fact of creating the socials (YouTube,Instagram,twitter,G-plus, Facebook, linked in).


To you these might be just icons you have seen on sites, to your potential customers these are a way to follow, engage and learn your passions for your business.

Big Tip, people are naturally curious, these allow them to see what you’re doing, its like looking through the keyhole of a life…

It is these socials that make your name brand or business grow, as the worldwide web grows ever larger, it mutates itself to learn new things from company names and logos, to small changes in search patterns, from your new customers.

We can offer a full honest review and field test of products, we are independent even for our clients, so if it doesn’t do what it says on the tin it won’t go in to our growing list of review items.

So you went with that big flashy firm over there,took your money, tied you in loopholes and contracts and ran for the hills- we will see you soon then!

We are a small and friendly firm, we know what drives customers because, well we are your customers.

It is that simple, the thing that drives us to do what we do everyday, is the same thing that drives you, a passion a flare, a spark. your time is valuable to you along with your passion you may also hold a main job down to pay the bills as well and not forgetting the family.

So let us help you grow your business to a level like no other, a pillar a monument a pinnacle of the passion that drives you….