Who we are.

The rough ole country boys meeting  up with fans and readers at a show.

We started the idea of a people written countryside magazine, and so was born the countrymans diary magazine. From hunting and shooting to fishing, cooking and country crafts we cover it all.

It was decided to be written by normal everyday folks for like minded people and so the Diary as we affectionately call it started way back in 2012, with the offical launch in 2013.

With a varied bunch giving up their time to write articles to pass on knowledge and skills to fellow readers.

Now after many years and a whole load of articles later, we are helping out our readers and some soon to be readers with Diary media Pr, a small firm with a big heart.

 Well they call us many names, from the ole hedge creeper and mucker for Rob, to the cowboy or the Cornish countryman for Greg, we just are and always have been two rough old country boys, with a passion.

But dont let that fool you, Rob comes from North Somerset, and was a regional sales manager for one of the largest tv and video hire companies, (yes you used to be able to hire the TV and video).

Along with years dealing with his pest control clients and other business ventures and show goers alike, he knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk as they say.

Or look good wobbling, after to much of that cider stuff….


Now Greg grew up in Cornwall, and trained as a full City & Guilds chef, with a passion for food that turned into a passion for creating it. Living all around the UK, he meet some strange, fantastic and down right weird people but everybody and every business is different and that’s a skill in it self to see that.

He ran several kitchens over his long career of 25 years, from a humble start at the bottom of the ladder, he took each step up and proved himself, he knows people from years of dealing with hungry customers and the odd complaint here and there, Greg just takes it in his stride.

And boy oh boy is them strides long.




Sales guru and, our media consultant.

From selling snow to the Eskimos, to telling it like it is.

Author, writer and countryman of the old school; his handshake is golden.

Growing up in farming and field sports family on one side and a city family on the other, I got to see both sides of the fence. With all my city friends I grew up in one of the roughest places in Bristol and really was a little scaly wag, but then there was my Pappy (granddad) , my Dad and Uncle Dave – all countrymen of the old school. It was the allure of mother nature that pulled me away from my city playground.  A passion began in me for all field sports, right from my first outing ferreting at 2, well almost 3 years old..

Rob is also known as The Ole Hedge Creeper, you can read more about him here.   Site link



Sales, PR editor and fixer – the guy who sets it all up.


Raised in the back woods of Cornwall. But always going forward in this technology-fed world, from Mobiles and tablets, to PC’s and servers; I play with them all and bend them to our needs.

Greg grew up on farms, as his Dad sold farm machinery, whilst his Mum worked in the local hospital kitchen. A passion for fine food flared as he learnt to cook for his hard working family and later became a City and Guilds qualified chef -pushing nearly 25 years in service. From simple cafes, to gourmet pubs and Michelin star dinning.

But a true country-boy at heart, he always knew his roots are intertwined with Mother Nature.  Greg learnt tracking, hunting, and woodman-ship, from a young age, honing his skills and interest.

And still tracks down a good deal today..

From sales to IT we are experienced in all aspects, so if you need to promote individual items or a job lot to get it out, to your customers, we can handle it all.

We also co-own between us a vast group of websites plus Facebook Pages, Groups and other social outlets, so that’s even more PR for your company.


Greg is The Cornish Countryman and his site is here: Site Link.


Well they didn’t think we would clean up to well,

  think we proved um wrong.